Scheduled MySQL databases backups on Windows really simply…

Scheduled MySQL databases backups on Windows really simply…
A simple, scheduled MySQL database backup method with zipped files, archive pruning and FTP/offsite upload

After a fruitless search for free MySQL backup tools, the solution turned out to be surprising – using good old-fashioned batch scripting to surprising affect! This leverages the MySQLDump tool which produces .sql files as backups.

This simple script will backup selected databases and do the following:

  • keep rolling versions (backups older than your specified number of days will be deleted.
  • zip them to save on storage
  • upload them to an FTP site
  • keep an ongoing log of operations

Once you have your batch file, just use windows scheduler to set up your automatic backups and you’re covered!

Here’s the batch script below:

Amazing how such old technology can achieve so much! Hope helps.

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