Mago V3 Website launched

Mago V3 Website launched
“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George B. Shaw

Mago website number 3 is launched

“This time it’s personal…”

So, back in 2013, I started building an arcade cabinet. 5 years later, It’s mainly done, apart from some last setups (theme-ing etc). I didn’t really have a clue back then how long it would take + how much I would have to learn to do it all properly. So naive in fact, that I called the fist site “Mago 20.13a” just in case I made another in 2013!

Made with Google Sites V1, it’s looking a bit dated now… So on I moved to GoogleSites V2. This was a nifty little site which pulled together my branching into hosting my own forums, bug tracker and serving my own software downloads – all glued together by this next one:

Worked nicely and introduced me the ‘responsive’ design. However, it didn’t stick together well, with lots of separate sign-ins required. Alongside this, I got stung by the hosting company via the nice intro deal but extortionate second year, which got me to thinking “why don’t I host my own from my home server?”

Which leads us onto this one. All self-hosted and with various apps integrated, I’m hoping to stick with this one for a while!

Sign up + enjoy!

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